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•  Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski, Claims to have discovered a cure!
•  Dr. Cyril Wecht, MD, JD, Nationally Acclaimed Forensic Pathologist
•  Eleanor Reigel, Ronald McDonald House

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What is Prayer-in-the-Air™?
Prayer-in-the-Air™ is a community outreach radio program, broadcast from a participating cemetery or funeral home. Its multi-faith memorial service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, heard locally on the FM dial.

It is designed to provide comfort to persons visiting the funeral home and/or cemetery. It can be tuned-in within a half-mile radius over a standard car or personal radio, with small signs on the premises indicating its dial location (usually 88.7 FM).

Funeral Directors, our program is also good for promoting the purchase of "pre-need" funeral services. Available to any funeral home and cemetery in North America at minimal cost, sign up today by calling
1-888-ADVERTEL (238-3783) ext 107.

Families, ask for a "Memorial Tribute" to your loved one!
Available at participating Prayer-in-the-Air™ locations, families and friends can request a 60-second tribute to the memory of their loved one for everyone to enjoy. Repeating throughout the day on the Prayer-in-the-Air™ broadcast, these tributes can include excerpts from the eulogy, comments from family or friends, even a sound-bite of the deceased.

Ask your preferred funeral director how you can get a Memorial Tribute aired all year long, 24 hours a day, directly from the cemetery or funeral home. Lift up your loved one's memory in prayer, from the place where it's likely to mean the most.

Also use Memorial Tributes to promote an event, bereavement group, ministry, support service, or the like. For a limited time only, ask how you can qualify for 3 months free!

Memorial Tribute Demo-1  TRIBUTE Demo-1    Memorial Tribute Demo-2  TRIBUTE Demo-2    Memorial Tribute Promo  Promo-2

How does Prayer-in-the-Air™ work?
By using a localized FM radio transmitter, we are able to broadcast throughout the cemetery, heard by visitors listening to their car radio. In addition, many properties may also connect Prayer-in-the-Air™ to their phone system hold button. Callers, in this case, will hear the same collection of music and messages designed to help brighten their mood, and increase confidence in the establishment.

What will it say?
Prayer in the Air™ is specifically designed for the funeral industry, with a mix of devotional messages, religious music, and “slice of life” family memories, interspersed with thoughtfully placed messages from the funeral home/cemetery. By utilizing professionals (clergy, psychologists, local and national celebrities), we are able to generate the type of feeling persons visiting the property will appreciate even on a subliminal level. Since the program changes several times a year, it will remain fresh and positive for those who make frequent return visits.

How will it help?
Prayer in the Air™ can only be helpful, because it is a very positive medium in a very difficult time. Whether you're able to directly identify with our interview guests, or just the knowledge that there are others who feel exactly as you do, there is sure to be something on our program to lift your spirits, warm your heart, or put a smile on your face.

What if your preferred cemetery or funeral home doesn't subscribe to Prayer-in-the-Air™?
Not every cemetery or funeral home subscribes to Prayer-in-the-Air™. But they can, and it's easy. Just tell them you think they should. Ask them to contact their Advertel representative, at 1-888-ADVERTEL (238-3783), ext 107, and we'll take it from there.

If you like, you can also send us an e-mail at, and let us know who you recommend for Prayer-in-the-Air™. We'll let them know that you referred us.

Where does Prayer-in-the-Air™ originate?
Prayer in the Air™ was the brainchild of President, Paul Beran, of Pittsburgh-based Advertel, Inc., who also serves as the program's Executive Producer. At the death of Paul's mother in March of 2009, he found himself wanting to spend as much time as possible at the cemetery, knowing that was going to be the last time he'd be physically close to his parents, buried 3,000 miles from Beran's home.

To help pass the time until his scheduled airline departure, Beran searched frantically up and down the radio dial in suburban Seattle. Not able to find anything suitable to match the moment, Paul realized the need for a program specifically designed for visitors to cemeteries and funeral homes. Beran's company produces just the right mix of music and messages to soothe the soul of grieving family and friends, no matter what stage of grief they may be in.

Memorial Tribute Promo  Prayer-in-the-Air™ Promo

Let us know what you think of our program.
Feel free to e-mail your comments and suggestions to:

Prayer-in-the-Air™ Segment-1  PITA Segment-1
Interview with Tom Fodi, current US Air Force Chaplain, speaking on the ultimate sacrifice our men and women have made.

Prayer-in-the-Air™ Segment-2  PITA Segment-2
Interview with David Hall, Belladere for the nation's only traveling replica Liberty Bell —founder of

Prayer-in-the-Air™ Segment-3  PITA Segment-3
Part 1 of an interview with Rev. Dr. Naim Ateek from Jerusalem, speaking on whether there will ever be peace in the Middle East.

Prayer-in-the-Air™ Segment-3  PITA Segment-4
Part 2 of an interview with Rev. Dr. Naim Ateek from Jerusalem.

Prayer-in-the-Air™ Segment-4  PITA Segment-5
Interview with Sr. Rabbi Alvin Berkun, speaking on obtaining forgiveness in our final hours in the Jewish tradition.

Prayer-in-the-Air™ Segment-5  PITA Segment-6
Interview with Fr. Kevin Kersten from Boston College, speaking on the importance of forgiveness and letting go in the Catholic tradition.

Prayer-in-the-Air™ Segment-5  PITA Segment-7
Comments by Fr. Michael Suslowitz from the Diocese of Pittsburgh, speaking on
"G-R-I-E-F" recovery.

Prayer-in-the-Air™ Segment-5  PITA Segment-8
Interview with Dr. Gerald Jampolski, author and Director of the Centers for Attitudinal Healing in Hawaii.

Prayer-in-the-Air™ Segment-5  PITA Segment-9
Comments by Dr. Katie McCorkle, Doctor of Psychology, founder of the Balanced Heart Healing Center in Cranberry PA.

Prayer-in-the-Air™ Segment-5  PITA Segment-10
Interview with Greg Voss, President of the University Of Pittsburgh Association of Chaplaincies.

Prayer-in-the-Air™ Segment-5  PITA Segment-11
Comments by Pastor Ron DeLouis from the Greater Grace Church in Pittsburgh.

Prayer-in-the-Air™ Segment-5  PITA Segment-12
Interview with Harry C. Neel, President of Jefferson Memorial Park and Funeral Home in Pittsburgh PA.

Prayer-in-the-Air™ Segment-5  PITA Segment-13
Interview with Danny Terry, Owner and Proprietor of Hindman Funeral Services and Mountain Memory Gardens in Hindman, KY.


News Items

MADD Promo AnnouncedSeptember 6, 2011            Prayer-in-the-Air™ Announces MADD Promotion!   

Not only does Prayer-in-the-Air™ provide an outreach to families and communities, as well as assist the host cemetery or funeral home with its marketing efforts, for a limited time, PITA will also provide a valuable fundraising and awareness effort for Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD.)  With each new or renewed Prayer-in-the-Air™ subscription, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the good works of MADD. 

In addition, Mothers Against Drunk Driving can use Prayer-in-the-Air™ to reach families and communities mourning the loss of a loved one, to share new and valuable information.  DUI causes the deaths of thousands of people each year, and injures countless others. MADD reports that while they still have a long way to go, significant progress has been made toward the total elimination of drunk driving in our lifetime!

Catholic Cemetery Puts Prayer-in-the-AirôMay 1, 2011                       Catholic Diocese Cemetery Puts Prayer-in-the-Air™

The Catholic Cemeteries Association of the Diocese of Pittsburgh has approved a three year pilot of Prayer-in-the-Air™ for one of their largest cemetery locations.  It is the Queen of Heaven Cemetery in McMurray, PA.  "We may add one or more locations in the next fiscal year," added Annabelle McGannon, CCA Executive Director.  

There are fifteen member cemeteries in their association, in all.  The next cemeteries slated to receive Prayer-in-the-Air™ include Christ Our Redeemer (North Side Catholic), Ross Township, PA; and Calvary, Hazelwood, PA.  “Everyone thought the program had merit and we are anxious to see how people respond to it,” according to McGannon. 

Billy Graham Media Partnership AnnouncedApril 15, 2011                   Billy Graham Media Partnership Announced

Prayer-in-the-Air™ is proud to announce its media partnership with the world renowned Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.  Every quarter, in addition to local and regional authors, ministers, and counselors, PITA will now be able to include new and exclusive interviews with members of the Billy Graham organization, including classic segments recorded by Billy himself, and Franklin his son. 

Unborn Tribute AnnouncedMarch 1, 2011          New Segments to the Memory of the Unborn Announced

Each Spring, after the snow melts and flowers begin their return to life ritual, Prayer-in-the-Air™ launches its new season of interesting and timely interviews, discussions, and meaningful life and death content. 

This Spring features several landmark interviews in the “Memory of the Unborn.”   Starting with a jaw-dropping interview with Sandra Cano, “Mary Doe” of Doe vs. Bolton (companion case to Roe vs. Wade,) listeners will learn how drastically a person’s life can change when it starts out “unstable.” 

June 1, 2010
Prayer-in-the-Air™ presents its exciting new guest speaker line-up for Memorial Day!

May 15, 2010
Advertel, parent company for Prayer-in-the-Air™, has unveiled a national church-bulletion ad campaign with the J.S. Paluch Company.

May 1, 2010
Advertel, parent company for Prayer-in-the-Air™, has been retained to create new telephone recordings for Matthews International, the world's leading bronze and marble supplier to the death care industry.

April 1, 2010
Advertel, parent company for Prayer-in-the-Air™, has released a FREE 1-hour webinar series designed to explain all the many benefits of Prayer-in-the-Air™.

March 15, 2010
Advertel announces in the Memorial Business Journal that it will roll out its national Prayer-in-the-Air™ program at the ICCFA Conference in San Antonio.

March 1, 2010
Nationally known radio talk show host and licensed psychologist throws her support behind Prayer-in-the-Air™.

February 15, 2010
Prayer-in-the-Air™ is featured in Memorial Business Journal.

February 8, 2010
Harry C. Neel, President of Jefferson Memorial Park in Pittsburgh PA, lends his comments on the new Prayer-in-the-Air™ concept by Advertel.

 February 1, 2010
Advertel is proud to announce that Hindman Funeral Services, Mountain Memory Garden Cemetery and Bethel Mausoleum in Hindman KY have become their newest Prayer-in-the-Air™ subscribers.

 January 20, 2010
Advertel joins the International Cemetery Crematorium and Funeral Home Association (ICCFA).

January 11, 2010
The Pittsburgh Post Gazette in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, runs a feature story on Prayer-in-the-Air™ in their daily paper and on the web.

Prayer In The Air™ Contacts

Advertel, Inc
Paul Beran, PITA Executive Producer
1-888-ADVERTEL (238-3783) ext. 107

Catholic Cemetery Association of the Diocese of Pittsburgh
Annabelle McGannon, 412-208-1163


Hindman Funeral Services
Danny Terry, 1-888-785-3880

Balanced Heart™ Healing Center
Dr. Katie McCorkle

Pastor Ron DeLouis
Greater Grace Church of Pittsburgh

University of Pittsburgh Assn of Chaplaincies
Greg Voss, 1-412-491-5560

Tree of Life Congregation
Sr. Rabbi Alvin K. Burken

Boston College
Fr. Kevin Kersten

Liberty Bell Replica
David Hall


Prayer-in-the-Air™ is a production of Advertel, Inc., proud member of the International Cemetery, Crematorium and Funeral Home Association (ICCFA).

Advertel has been serving the cemetery and funeral home industry with telephone media and internet production for nearly 30-years.


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