About Prayer In The Air™
Compassionate Family 'Outreach' 24-hours a day!
  • Continuous multi-faith memorial service
  • Spiritual and psychological inspiration to families and friends
  • On-the-air to local commuters and visitors; reaches approximately 1/2 mile radius of the facility
  • On-hold to telephone callers while they're waiting
Elevates The Subscriber's Brand Image
  • Sound more 'alive' with activity
  • Establish a market advantage over the competition
It's the Subscriber's Own FM Radio Station!
  • Use it to promote the benefits of 'pre-need'
  • Reach a perfected targeted local audience
  • Reach them while they're likely to be considering their own mortality
Quality Public Relations
  • Promote community events
  • Create alliances with non-competing funeral directors, cemeteries, clergy and counselors
Memorial Tributes and Personal Dedications
  • Create a 'must hear asset' for your facility
  • Create an on-going residual income, year after year

Prayer In The Air™ as a 24-Hour Multi-Faith Memorial Service

  • Feature nationally recognized contributors with exceptional warmth and expertise
  • Highlight local grief counselors by your recommendation with a familiar, caring voice
  • Spotlight your facility conveyed by key staff members
  • Uplifting music to sooth the soul
  • Slice of life re-enactments to help east the pain

Prayer In The Air™ as Your Own FM Radio Station

  • Promote your facility's history with noteworthy landmarks, famous individuals and/or families and years of service to the community
  • Promote customer service philosophy with distinctive qualities and practices
  • Promote products, service and amenities by listing all of the extra available at your facility and by reinforcing other advertising efforts
  • Introduce pet burial and cremation services or other items of interest to your community
  • Slice of life re-enactments to help east the pain
  • Reach a richly targeted audience such as the family and friends of the recently deceased and the majority who are local to you - no wasted audience!
  • Gently promote the advantages of pre-needs by explaining how it ca save time and money, prevent hasty decisions from being made as well as minimize conflicts within the family
  • Gently remind visitors of the advantages of hearing it again with every repeat visit and by offering discounts and promotions from time-to-time

Prayer In The Air™ as a Brand Image Boost

  • Create a warm and loving atmosphere by projecting an image of caring and support
  • Sound more 'alive' with activity by promoting events at your facility as well as endorsing local bereavement and support groups
  • Promote a more progressive image by establishing an advanced high-technology persona
  • Create a market advantage by separating yourself from the competition and becoming the first in your area to subscribe to Prayer In The Air™

Prayer In The Air™ as a Sales and Public Relations Tool

  • Benefit to funeral homes by providing incentives to choose yoru facility for showing, planning and preparation
  • Benefit to cemeteries by providing incentive to choose your facility for internment and memorial services
  • Create strategic alliances with clergy, ministers, grief counselors, non-competing cemeteries and funeral homes
  • Promote memorial services and events regarding anything of interest to your community

Prayer In The Air™ Contacts

Advertel, Inc
Paul Beran, 1-888-ADVERTEL ext. 107

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